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I glued the brass plate back onto a wooden plaque I received for finishing 3rd in the National Capital Marathon in Ottawa. No other glue (including the one used by the manufacturer) would hold-I tried them all. The Last Glue really works-just a few drops was all I had to use!
- Ann V. Allan, Toronto Ont.

I fixed my plastic bird feeder. The plastic enclosure had broken, as well as the bronze rain cap which I glued to another piece of bronze!
- Joyce Kocher, Rexdale Ont.

The spout broke on my plastic water jug which we use for taking water to the outdoors. I used The Last Glue to fix it. It really works!
- Murray Archibald, Blackstock Ont.

I'm a model train builder. I've used The Last Glue to build and repair. Some examples-brass to brass on headlight of a locomotive, plastic chimney on a caboose, and rubber to rubber on a heat shrink for soldered wire. It's the best!
- Mr. Lazenby, Richmond Hill Ont.

I bought some The Last Glue at the hunting show this past September. I glued a fletching to the shaft of my carbon graphite arrows and it bonded very well. I also glued some aluminum inserts into the carbon shafts of my other arrows. So far the results have been very good! I thought you would be interested in my findings so that you could pass this information onto our fellow archers.
- Michael Lue-Kim, via Internet.

I tried other glues with no success. The Last Glue glued my broken crystal candlestick, and also glued my children's toys.
- Catrin Brunke, Toronto Ont.

It was a cold October day and I was out on Lake Superior about 20 miles from shore. The alternator belt broke on my inboard/outboard. Fortunately, I had a bottle of The Last Glue on board. I glued the belt back together and made it back to port!
- Mike Porter, Sault Ste. Marie Ont.

I used The Last Glue on the plastic shroud which had broken on my weed wacker. I saved $49 for a replacement part!. I also used it on the trim on hood of car where the windshield wipers sit and saved several hundred dollars for the new part. I had broken it chipping ice from defrost intake.
- Peter Vreeker, Bowmanville Ont.

I had used other glues to try to fix a metal emblem which is part of my lighter and the nose pads on my eyeglasses. The Last Glue is the only one that worked and is still working 7 months later.
- Mike Morray, Toronto Ont.

We have been using your The Last Glue and filler to repair the cracks and splits on the plastic bumpers of automobiles. We have found your product to be superior to any other product we have used. We have been testing the product on one of our vans and look forward to adding the product to our five other vans in the fleet.
- Ken Thompson, President-Magic Paint, Toronto Ont.

I bought a new drive belt for my lawn tractor (from motor to cutting deck) and it was too long so I cut it and glued it together. Also used The Last Glue to glue the spikes back into my special golf shoes. Great stuff for work and play!
- Thomas Krakenberg, Bewdley Ont.

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